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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Solutions

Hampel Investment Advisors addresses the investment needs of the client by selecting investments to match specific growth and income targets.  We select specific securities with distinct characteristics that fit within the individualized client portfolio.  Strategies are employed to create an investment portfolio that is financially appropriate for our clients.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis & Strategic Formulation

Hampel Investment Advisors uses multiple strategies in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  We use multiple sources of information in our research process, including financial media, research prepared both in house and by others, industry publications, corporate rating services, prospectuses, company press releases and official filings with the SEC.  We use fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate securities and market conditions.  Each client is presented with a strategy that is tailored to meet their goals and needs.  Every unique investment profile will generate a solution that may employ one or more strategies or methods to meet its goals.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Systematic Portfolio Rebalancing

Asset allocations for your portfolio will change as financial markets rise and fall and the value of specific assets of your portfolio change.  This creates an opportunity to selectively rebalance your portfolio in order to bring asset class percentages back to your customized policy targets.  Asset classes are closely monitored and are either bought or sold to keep the client’s risk allocation in line with their predetermined investment policy objectives.  We rebalance with the purpose of enhancing  portfolio returns while maintaining the risk parameters identified for each client.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

We use sophisticated software to develop a personalized investment plan that incorporates all variables of our clients’ financial futures.  We analyze the complete financial picture in devising a unique investment plan that will help our partners achieve their financial goals.  Whether their needs include education planning, charitable giving, retirement security, or providing for future generations, we utilize scenario based analysis, incorporating various simulations to formulate a robust financial plan that fits a client’s risk tolerance.  The complete financial picture helps ensure that our clients remain on the path to financial success. 

For a complete description of the service we offer and the associated fees, please see our ADV 2A Brochure